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We encourage the media, consumers and our members to find accurate information about Fixed Annuities at Fixed Annuity Facts (

NAFA actively responds to unfair, unbalanced and inaccurate information published in the media related to fixed annuities. The following are recent media responses from NAFA. Members can find more information available in our members section.

NAFA addresses Knoxville News letter to the editor

NAFA responds to a member’s request to address Knoxville News letter to the editor – 03.02.14. 

NAFA Responds to “How a stock broker and other advisors differ”

Dear Mr. Maurer,
Clearing up the confusion that can surround the subject of commissions and compensation on financial services products is very important.  At NAFA, the National Association for Fixed Annuities, we represent all fixed annuities – indexed, declared rate and income (a.k.a. immediate). These annuities are sold by insurance agents, who in some instances are [...]

NAFA Responds to “Indexed Annuities May Be Risky Investments”

Dear Mr. Denlea,
At the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA), we recognize that the California indexed annuity case referenced in your blog article may signal an opportunity for your firm.  However, if a client contacts you as a result and you start to do some research, you will find that your understanding of indexed annuities [...]

NAFA and IALC Respond to Matt Koppenheffer @Motley Fool

NAFA Response:
At NAFA we appreciate your interest in following a variety of products, including indexed annuities.    The “hook” of your article focuses on one particular sale, as an example of the supposed broader ills of the industry.   We would like to offer a more balanced perspective to the conversation.
Most financial professionals agree that consumers over [...]

NAFA Response to Marla Brill of Reuters

November 9, 2011
To:Marla Brill and Editors, Reuters
Re:Your article, “Beware the pitch for indexed annuities”
Dear Ms. Brill,
We are writing to provide more information about fixed indexed annuities and why millions of American’s choose them over your recommended “diversified portfolio tilted to bonds.” The single most relied on benefit of the fixed indexed annuity is the SAFETY [...]

NAFA Response to Kevin McCormally of Kiplinger’s

November 7, 2011
To:Kevin McCormally, Editorial Director, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine
Re:Your article, “Protect Yourself, Loved Ones from Financial Abuse of the Elderly”
Dear Mr. McCormally,
NAFA shares your concern to protect all consumers, especially the elderly, who all too often are the victim of fraud. It is troubling, however, that the only financial products you specifically identify [...]

NAFA Responds to Article, “Watch Your Wallet: Big Stock Brokerages Eye Indexed Annuities

October 24, 2011
Letter to the Editor of
Re: October 19, 2011 article by William P. Barrett entitled“Watch Your Wallet: Big Stock Brokerages Eye Indexed Annuities
Dear Editor,
The article “Watch Your Wallet: Big Stock Brokerages Eye Indexed Annuities” (William P. Barrett, October 19, 2011) overlooks important information that would have provided a more complete and balanced view [...]

NAFA Responds to Kelly Greene of the Wall Street Journal

October 25, 2011
Ms. Kelly Greene
The Wall Street Journal
By email to
Re: Your article “Earning Income by Making a Gift”
Dear Ms. Greene,
Thank you for your excellent article. At NAFA, the National Association for Fixed Annuities, a national trade association exclusively dedicated to promoting the awareness and understanding of fixed annuities, we applaud you for presenting a [...]

ABC News Response to Ted Schwartz article

September 26, 2011
Letter to the Editor of ABC News
Re: “Index Annuities: Complex, Aggressively Sold Investments” by Ted Schwartz
Dear Editor,
We appreciate Mr. Schwartz’s effort to educate your readers about indexed annuities. Unfortunately much of the information is inaccurate or incomplete. Perhaps that is because Mr. Schwartz is not an employee of ABC News but a certified [...]

NAFA Responds to Journal of Financial Planning Article

August 22, 2011
The book “The Black Swan” by Nassim Taleb became very popular at the height of the recent financial crisis.  It highlighted the difference between theory and reality.  Its title comes from a prior belief of scientists in Europe. They believed that all swans were white.  The discovery of black swans in Australia was [...]

NAFA Response to Lisa Gibbs @ Money Magazine

August 11, 2011
Letter to the Editor of Money Magazine
Re:  “Protecting your parents:  Keep the sharks at bay” by Lisa Gibbs
Dear Editor,
At the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA), we and our members agree that there is no place for abusive sales practices in our industry, and much effort has been made both on a regulatory [...]