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NAFA is Your Voice…to protect your business and the future of our industry.
You work hard to serve your clients’ needs. NAFA is fighting hard to protect your independence, your business and the future of fixed annuities, but we need you to join in and support these efforts.


We advocate for the products you sell – fixed annuities. We will make sure you’re being heard with state and federal regulators and legislators to ensure fixed annuities remain competitive and accessible.

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Features with Your Membership

  • FREE Monthly webinars offered through NAFA
  • FREE Dr. Jack Marrion Annuity Perspectives every month

Competitively Priced and Compressive Agent Errors and Omissions coverage

NAFA has partnered with the National Association of Professional Agents to offer members E and O coverage specially designed for Annuity sales professionals as well as access to other benefits and services designed for our membership.  Cyber Security and Data Breach prevention and insurance programs are also available.

For more information or to enroll today, please visit the NAFA/NAPA partnership page.

To Protect, Promote and Preserve the Future of Your Business

  • Dedicated Washington, D.C. lobbyist firm to proactively work on federal legislation and regulation issues
  • Actively monitoring and advocating for fixed annuities in every state to protect your ability to serve consumers with these valuable products
  • Proactively working with state insurance commissioners
  • Public Relations campaign to educate the media and consumer
  •  Media responses to correct negative or inaccurate information
  •  NAFA legal counsel to address state regulation


We provide the best educational opportunities in the annuity industry and provide you with key information so your business will thrive. 

To Inform

  • NAFA Communications: NAFAWire – Annuity News  and Annuity Alerts – Breaking News
  • Quarterly Compliance Matrix
  • Consumer education website at
  • Exclusive content online at for members only, including the Annuity Education Toolbox
    • Monday Media Report weekly email with a round-up of media coverage related to our industry.

Industry Publications and Insights from Dr. Jack Marrion

  • Monthly ePendium with exclusive NAFA member content

Supporting Member: $195 

For more information, contact Bailey Sorensen, Operations Administrator at 414-332-9306, ext. 0, or

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