NAFA Educational Piece on Suitability - Share this with Your Producers

NAFA Education Committee Focuses on
Helping IMOs and Carriers Educate their Producers.

Suitability "Rules" and It's a Hot Topic!
Click the button below to Download the NAFA Principles on Suitability paper which can be customized with your organization's contact information. We recommend that you disseminate this new principle paper to your database. It's a great educational tool for your network of insurance professionals selling fixed and fixed indexed annuities. It is provided as a free, value-added service to our NAFA member organizations.

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Suitability, Advertising Best Practices and Training are three very important topics for all NAFA members and their producers. Today, we are pleased to unveil the first of three principle papers that NAFA will provide to your organization to help you better educate your producers and prospects.

In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling additional principle papers and a Summer Education Series with online training events. Stay tuned!

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