NAFA Board of Directors

Each year, the nomination process is open to the NAFA membership at large for new board of director candidates. Nominations are received and candidates are thoroughly vetted by the current board. The general membership of NAFA then approves or disapproves recommendations at the association’s annual meeting held during its annual Annuity Distribution Summit.

Executive Operating Committee

Kevin Mechtley
Kevin MechtleyChair – 12/2024
VP-Business Development and Chief Innovation Officer
North American Company
David Wolfe
David WolfeVice Chair – 12/2025
General Counsel
Advisors Excel
Andrew Payne
Andrew PayneSecretary – 12/2026
Vice President & General Counsel
Eric Taylor
Eric TaylorTreasurer – 12/2027
SVP, Distribution – Independent Annuities
Corebridge Financial
Mike Morrone
Mike MorroneImmediate Past Chair – 12/2023
VP, Annuities Business Development

Board Members

Dan Acker
Dan AckerMember – 12/2024
President & CMO
SILAC Insurance Company
Jeff Barnes
Jeff BarnesMember – 12/2025
Regional Vice President
EquiTrust Life Insurance Company
Jay Brown
Jay BrownMember – 12/2026
Vice President of Relationship Management
Delaware Life Marketing
Emily Cramer
Emily CramerMember – 12/2025
Vice President of Business Development
Simplicity Group
Jill Esser
Jill EsserMember – 12/2026
Chief Actuary
Magellan Financial
Tad Fifer
Tad Fifer Member – 12/2025
Vice President
Paul Garofoli
Paul GarofoliMember – 12/2026
Regional Vice President
The Standard
Jason Gould
Jason GouldMember – 12/2025
Of Counsel
Carlton Fields
Maureen James
Maureen JamesMember – 12/2026
Summit Compliance Group
Matt Johnson
Matt JohnsonMember – 12/2025
Production & Distribution Strategist – Marketing
American Equity
Brendon Kelly
Brendon KellyMember – 12/2024
Vice President – Retirement
Ash Brokerage
Paul Kruth
Paul KruthMember – 12/2026
Vice President and National Sales Manager
W&S Financial Group Distributors, Inc.
Ryan Lex
Ryan LexMember – 12/2025
Executive Vice President, Chief Distribution Officer
Ibexis Life and Annuity Insurance Company
Luke Loewen
Luke LoewenMember – 12/2025
Gradient Annuity Brokerage
Darcy Matz
Darcy MatzMember – 12/2024
Senior Director Projects & Strategic Planning FMO Distribution
Branislav Nikolic
Branislav NikolicMember – 12/2026
Managing Director, Head of Insurance
The Index Standard
Brian Peterson
Brian PetersonMember – 12/2026
President of Accumulation & Retirement Income Distribution
Rocky Robbins
Rocky RobbinsMember – 12/2026
Chief Compliance Officer & Corporate Counsel
Brokers International
Tiya Stanley
Tiya StanleyMember – 12/2024
VP of National Accounts
F&G Life and Annuities
Mike Tripses
Mike TripsesMember – 12/2026
Annua Profectus
Igor Zamkovsky
Igor ZamkovskyMember – 12/2025
Head of Indexed Annuities and Insurance