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Because education is at the core of NAFA’s mission, our Education Committee meets monthly to continually improve the offerings provided to our members. Our monthly webinars are one of our most coveted resources, which address everything from industry trends and sales concepts to fixed annuity mechanics and advocacy updates. Register now for one of our upcoming events, or tap into our library of presentation archives at any time.

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Will 2023 Be the Year of the Fiduciary Rule?

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Annuity sales are booming with no end in sight. The only big potential problem on the horizon is regulation. The Department of Labor is again working on a fiduciary rule that could put a dent in annuity sales processes. While many producers and distributors are acclimated to a “best interest” standard, it might not last.

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Webinar Archives

Due to the current state of affairs, NAFA is providing our April – May 2020 webinar content to the public.  To access these replays and other relevant content, please visit our COVID-19 Response Gallery

As a NAFA member, you have instant access to our comprehensive library of webinar replays featuring information, insights and ideas from some of the best resources in the business. If you were unable to attend a live event or simply want to review the presentation again, here’s your chance!

Date Title Presenter(s)
August 25 Paving the Way to Optimized Retirement Income Partha Mamidipudi, Kate Tan and Joe Rosenthal of BlackRock
July 26 Managing Income Risks in Retirement Matt Johnson, American Equity
June 27 A Better Conversation on Annuities Adam Rivituso, National Sales Director, Insurance and Sub-Advisory, Invesco
June 8 An Update on Recent Retirement Tax Legislation and Related Advanced Sales Solutions Ann Hagerty, Advanced Sales Counsel, Securian Financial
May 18 Top Compliance Concerns and Considerations in 2023 Maureen James and Roger Hayashi, Summit Compliance
April 25 Masterclass Mindset: A lifelong journey that begins in the mind Isaac Norton and Josh Woodvine, North American Company
March 22 How to Create Financially Fearless Female Investors Suzanne Norman, Alliance for Lifetime Income
March 9 Not Your Father’s MYGA Market Ryan Lex, EVP, Chief Distribution Office, Ibexis; Ryan Brown, ESQ, Head of Sales & General Counsel, M&O Marketing; and Bobby Samuelson, President, Life Innovators
February 23 SECURE 2.0: An Update on Changing Requirements Amy Piepmeier, Vice President & Senior Counsel, Athene, & Tyler Brown, Director of Government Affairs, North American
January 24 Inherited/Stretch IRA — What Has Changed? Jeff Barnes & Heather Kane of EquiTrust Life Insurance Company
Date Title Presenter(s)
November 9 Retiring With Confidence: A Case for FIAs in Accumulation Igor Zamkovsky, BlackRock’s Retirement Insurance Group
September 28 Worry & Uncertainty Requires New Conversations Jon Rosborough, Vice President, Statler Nagle, and Mike Harris, Education Advisor, Alliance for Lifetime Income
August 23 Connecting to Opportunity — Using Social Media to Drive Business Results Katie Yun, Senior Social Media Consultant, Nationwide
July 27 Mid-Year Review and Economic Outlook Berlinda Liu, Director Multi Indices, and Hamish Preston, Director US Equity Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices
June 22 Why Consumers Are Discovering the Value of Today’s Fixed Annuities Harry N. Stout, FinancialVerse Author and Podcast Host
June 8 Determining Your Clients’ Retirement Income Styles Alex Murguia and Wade Pfau, RISA, LLC
May 24 Social Media or Financial Professional: Which would you choose for your long-term financial planning needs? Kristi Martin Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Nationwide Retirement Institute
April 28 The Role of Annuities in an Income-Starved Environment Tamiko Toland, Director of Retirement Markets, CANNEX
March 29 What Women Want … in a Financial Advisor Patricia Hausherr, Vice President, Global Atlantic Consultant
March 23 Social Security through the Lens of Today’s Woman Heather Schreiber, RICP®, Owner of HLS Retirement Consulting
March 16 Women’s Financial Wellness Suzanne Norman, Education Fellow, Alliance for Lifetime Income
February 25 Intentional Inclusion: A Conversation with Rodney Branch Chuck DiVenzenco, President and CEO, NAFA, and Rodney Branch, Chief Marketing Officer, Luma Financial Technologies
February 22 The Super Age: Decoding Our Demographic Destiny Bradley Schurman, Author, demographic futurist & 2021 NAFA Distribution Summit featured speaker
February 9 The *New* Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule 3.0 Pam Heinrich, General Counsel and Director of Government Affairs, NAFA, Andrew Payne, CreativeOne, Brian Williams, Financial Independence Group & Mark Williams, Brokers International
January 25 MYGA Dynamics in Today’s Sales Environment Kevin Hart, Oceanview, Sheldon Lamb, Global Atlantic, Tim Swoboda, SILAC & Chris Conroy, IAMS
January 19 Lessons Learned on the Road with the Stones Mike Harris, Senior Education Advisor, Alliance for Lifetime Income, Jon Rosborough, Vice President Statler Nagle & Chuck DiVencenzo, President & CEO NAFA
Date Title Presenter(s)
December 10 Year-End Review & What to Watch for in 2022 John Lewis, CMT, Senior Portfolio Manager & Jay Gragnani, Head of Research at Nasdaq Dorsey Wright
December 3 Will Roth Accounts Run Into Roadblocks? Heather Schreiber, Founder & President of HLS Retirement Consulting
November 10 The Great Retirement Income Gap Michelle Prather, Regional Sales Director at OneAmerica
November 4 Demo: Power Business Growth with Two Intel Engines Sam Richter, Sales Intelligence Expert
September 22 Strategic Repositioning of Annuities and Life Insurance: 1035 Tax-Free Exchanges Deborah Miner, AVP of Advanced Markets at W&S Financial Group Distributors
August 18 An Insider Look at Best Practices for Creating a Leadership Culture Mark Williams, CEO of Brokers International & Tiya Stanley, Sales VP at North American
July 14 Promoting Your Brand and Your Business on LinkedIn Mark Galvin of ePresence
June 30 Managing Risk through Volatility Control Laurence Black and Jay Watson of The Index Standard
June 29 How the Industry Is Navigating an Advisor Sea Change Jeng Chui, Delaware Life; Sarah Garrity, BlackRock; Brad Malm, Gradient Financial; Bryon Holz, Bryon Holz & Associates; and Derek Scheetz, Lifetime Financial Growth
June 23 How FIAs Address 3 Key Risks in Retirement Planning Tamiko Toland, Director of Retirement Markets for CANNEX
April 27 Biden and Congress: The First 100 Days and Beyond Jim Ellis, Senior Political Analyst at BIPAC
March 24 Becoming “The New Advisor for Life” Bailey Sorensen, NAFA Director of Membership & Steve Gresham and Mike Harris, Senior Education Advisors for the Alliance for Lifetime Income
March 11 The Future of Business under the New Administration and DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Brad Campbell, Faegre Drinker & Kevin Mechtley, North American Company
February 24 Lifetime Spending with Annuities Harry Stout, FinancialVerse Author
Date Title Presenter(s)
August 26 Impacts from the NAIC “Best Interest” Model Regulation Roger Hayashi & Maureen James, Summit Compliance Group
July 15 Extreme Producers – Their Keys to Success Jerry Hraban, Author, & Tiya Stanley, North American Company for Life & Health Insurance
Extreme Producers – Their Insights And Secrets »
July 8 Solving the Mystery of Fixed Indexed Allocations Kent Jacquay, Founder, Index Resource Center
June 24 Advisor & Agency Evolution in a COVID-19 World Curtis Hawks, CMO, and Chris Conroy, Executive VP, Insurance Agency Marketing Services, Inc. (IAMS)
Understanding Your 401(k) Options »
June 17 Are You Missing the Fifth Pillar in Financial Planning? The Many Tax Benefits of Simple Charitable Planning James Wolter, President/Director, LegacyTree Foundation
June 10 How to Wow, Work With & Win Customers NOW & Seamlessly Transition to “Business Abnormal” LATER Kelly McDonald, Elder & author and consultant
2020 RETURN TO LIVE EVENTS SURVEY by Enigma Research »
June 3 Selling Annuities in a Virtual World: You’re the captain, Annuities Genius is your crew. David Novak, CEO, Annuities Genius
May 28 Elder Fraud in the COVID-19 Environment Michele Kryger, Elder & Vulnerable Client Care Officer, AIG Life & Retirement
Plan for 100 website »
May 21 Fixed annuity product changes in response to COVID-19: An update and a look into the future CANNEX and Pacific Life Insurance Company
May 19 Will You Manage the Changes COVID-19 Is Causing or Will Those Changes Manage You? Shawn Rhodes, Shoshin Consulting
May 12 Generational Reach: Retaining Heirs and Assets Deborah Miner, W&S Financial Group Distributors
May 7 Understanding Indexes in the Post COVID-19 World Phil Mackintosh, Chief Economist, and Efram Slen, Head of Index Research, Nasdaq
May 5 The New Must-Have Financial Digital Marketing Checklist Jeff Miller, Digital Marketing Partner, ALLPRO Direct Marketing
April 30 Washington Update 2020 featuring Jeff Bush Presented by: Jeff Bush, The Washington Update & Sponsored by: Lincoln Financial Group
April 28 It’s Time to Get Your Clients Financially Prepared — Financial Health in a COVID-19 World Harry Stout, The FinancialVerse
April 21 The Fountain of Youth Dilemma: The risks of longevity in retirement Josh Woodvine & Isaac Norton, Midland National
April 16 The CARES Act – What it means for you & your clients Heather Schreiber, HLS Retirement Consulting
CARES Act Resources for Clients & Small Business Owners »
April 14 Three Tax Tragedies and the Solutions to These Issues Waldean Wall, Allianz
April 9 IMO Leaders Roundtable Nathan Lucius, Gradient Financial Group & Matt Tarkenton, Tarkenton Financial
NAFA COVID-19 Response Gallery »
April 7 Understanding Indexes in the Post COVID-19 World Craig Lazzara, S&P Dow Jones Indices
SPIVA US Scorecard for 2019 »   Daily Dashboard for April 2 »
April 2 Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Measures Maureen James & Roger Hayashi, Summit Compliance
March 31 Economic and Market Outlook for 2020-21 Post-Coronavirus Ben Ayers, Nationwide
March 26 Delivering Advice in Times of Uncertainty Dr. Rick Jensen & Anders Smith, Delaware Life
Delivering Advice in Times of Uncertainty: Helping clients overcome financial fears »   National Sales Consulting with Delaware Life »
February 28 SECURE ACT – How Revenue Neutrality Killed Stretch Stephen W. Kraus & Edmund J. Zaharewicz, Carlton Fields
January 28 Understanding Elder Financial Exploitation and Fraud Michele Kryger, Elder & Vulnerable Client Care Officer, AIG Life & Retirement
Plan for 100 Educational Initiative Overview »   Protecting America’s Seniors »   Protecting Aging Clients from Financial Abuse & Fraud »
Date Title Presenter(s)
December 17 Understanding The NASDAQ-100 Index and Its Value to Your Annuity Clients Efram Slen, Nasdaq Global Information Services & Mark Williams, Brokers International
November 19 Key Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Campagin Jeff Miller, ALLPRO Direct Digital Marketing Partner
October 17 Solving the Annuity Puzzle: What’s Holding Them Back? Craig Fox, Ph.D. and Hal Hershfield, Ph.D., UCLA Anderson School of Management
September 24 Understanding and Optimizing Social Security Benefits Doug Ewing, JD, CFP, RICP, Vice President, Nationwide Retirement Institute
August 27 A Peek Behind the Curtain: How New-Money and Renewal Rates Are Set Mackenzi Swenson, Internal Account Manager, EquiTrust
July 30 A Look at Annuity Distribution Post-DOL Maureen James and Roger Hayashi, Co-Owners, Summit Compliance Group
June 26 Standing the Test of Time Jason Krohnke, Vice President of National Sales, American Equity
May 21 NAFA Advocacy Update: An Inside Look at Issues Impacting YOUR Business Chuck DiVencenzo, president & CEO, Pam Heinrich, general counsel & director of government affairs, Cliff Andrews, managing principal, CapCity Advocates
April 23 The Sandwich Generation: Look Who’s NOT Talking Tiya Stanley, sales vice president, Isaac Norton, associate vice president strategic marketing, North American Company
March 26 5 Tax-Planning Insights for Better Client Conversations Deborah A. Miner, J.D., CLU, ChFC, RICP, W&S Financial Group Distributors
Roth IRA Opportunities Guide »   RMD Opportunities Guide »   3 Keys to RMDs Quick Reference »   Tax Reference Guide »
February 26 Retire Your Risk: Onboarding Advisors as a New Asset Class Michael R. Harris, senior education advisor, Alliance for Lifetime Income
January 29 2019 Economic & Financial Market Outlook Ben Ayers, senior economist, Nationwide
Date Title Presenter(s)
November 27 The New Demographics & How They Affect Your Business, Today & Tomorrow Kelly McDonald, Speaker, Author, Marketing & Customer Service Expert, McDonald Marketing
October 30 In Search of … Highest Annuity Guarantees Tamiko Toland, Head of Annuity Research, CANNEX
September 27 Digital Marketing Metrics, Benchmarks, & Strategies Jeremiah Desmarais, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Insurance Marketing Authority
July 25 Economic Update 2018 Ben Ayers, Senior Economist, Nationwide
June 27 Through the Lens: Product Trends in Insurance and Index Solutions Providing Vision! Skylar Roehl, Regional Sales Representative, Insurance Channel, S&P Dow Jones Indices
Joe Kairen, Senior Director, Strategy & Volatility Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices
Jeremy Eisenstein, Vice President, Equity Derivatives, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
June 20 View from the Hill Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
Cliff Andrews, Principal, CapCity Advocates
May 24 A Guided Tour of NAFA’s New Website Lee Stiegemeier and Anna Dickson, Co-Founders, Circle Sideways
April 18 2018: Annuity Sales Rebound Dr. Jack Marrion, NAFA Director of Research | President, Advantage Compendium
March 29 Fixed Index Annuities with a Living Benefit: Which One Is Best for Your Client? Damian Baboolal, Quantitative Analyst, CANNEX
February 22 2018 Outlook — The Economy and Financial Markets Ben Ayers, Senior Economist, Nationwide
January 11 NAFA in Action — A Year in Review & A Look Ahead to 2018 Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
Date Title Presenter(s)
November 16 The Cross-Media Approach to Optimized Marketing Tom McLaren, President, ALLPRO Marketing
October 26 Safety & Guarantees: Tools for Survival and Success Jack Aiken, President of LTA Marketing
September 21 The Lifeguard in the Storm: A New Why for A New World Frank Maselli, Speaker, Author, Trainer
August 24 Self-Selecting an Annuity: 12 Questions to Help Consumers Make the Decision to Buy Dr. Jack Marrion, NAFA Director of Research | President, Advantage Compendium
July 26 Economic Trends & Future Outlook Ben Ayers, Senior Economist
June 29 View From the Hill Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
Cliff Andrews, Principal, CapCity Advocates, LLC
June 15 Evolution of Indices in Fixed Indexed Annuities Molly Decker, Vice President, Equity Derivatives
Russell Elliott, Vice President, Equity Strats Goldman, Sachs & Co.
June 8 9 Things Every Investor Needs to Know about Annuities Jeff Barnes, Vice-Chair NAFA Education Committee | National Accounts Manager, EquiTrust Life Insurance Co.
Paul McGillivray, NAFA Board and Government & Legal Affairs Committee | Business Development Director, M&) Marketing, Inc.
May 18 Which Annuity is Better- Presented by CANNEX Faisal Habib, Vice President of Research, CANNEX Financial Exchanges
April 27 The Fiduciary Rule- Fixed Annuities Scott McCleskey, Senior Vice President, Eukleia
February 23 Economic Update 2017 Bryan Jordan, CFA, Deputy Chief Economist, Nationwide Insurance
February 9 Members Only The Outlook from Capitol Hill – Federal Update with Cliff Andrews Cliff Andrews, Principal, CapCity Advocates, LLC
Date Title Presenter(s)
December 15 Year in Review and 2017 Projections Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
November 18 Post-Election Analysis – A Look at the Industry’s Future  Cliff Andrews, Principal, CapCity Advocates, LLC
October 20 Extended IRA and Nonqualified Annuity Strategies Thomas H. Duncan, JD, CLU, ChFC, Nationwide
September 29 Bears, Bonds & Bon Mots with Jack Marrion Dr. Jack Marrion, NAFA Director of Research | President, Advantage Compendium
August 25 UBER Your Practice Anthony Morris, CEO of Top Advisor Program, Inc.
June 16 NAFA versus Department of Labor: The Challenge Is Now in the Courts Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
June 2 Benefits of Annuities in Retirement Income Planning Simon Dabrowski, Associate, CANNEX
April 28 The Rule is In: An Analysis of the DOL’s Final Fiduciary Rule Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
Cliff Andrews, Principal, CapCity Advocates, LLC
March 31 Top 10 Compliance Issues Impacting Annuity Professionals Kevin Mechtley, B.A., J.D., Consultant, First Consultant & Administration | Member, NAFA Board of Directors
February 25 2016 Tax Time Tips and Annuity Conversations Tom Duncan, Senior Director, Nationwide
Date Title Presenter(s)
December 17 A NAFA Special Report – 2015 Year in Review Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
October 29 The Ins & Outs of Annuity Product Pricing Chris Conklin, SVP Product Development, Genworth
September 24 Solving the “I want a lifetime income, but hate annuities” Puzzle Dr. Jack Marrion, NAFA Director of Research | President, Advantage Compendium
August 25 Regulatory Environment Update: The DOL Fiduciary Proposal Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
Pam Heinrich, General Counsel, NAFA
Cliff Andrews, Principal, CapCity Advocates, LLC
July 23 Marketing Magnetism for Financial Advisors Maribeth Kuzmeski, President, Red Zone Marketing
June 25 Annuity Leadership Forum Recap Chip Anderson, Executive Director, NAFA
Cliff Andrews, Principal, CapCity Advocates, LLC
June 4 Annuities Then and Now: We’ve Come a Long Way! Dr. Jack Marrion, NAFA Director of Research | President, Advantage Compendium
May 21 Prospecting for New Annuity Prospects Bill Harris, President, W.V.H., Inc.
May 19 Update From The Front Lines: Breaking Down the DOL’s Fiduciary Duty Rule Cliff Andrews, CapCity Advocates, LLC
April 30 Source of Funds Pam Heinrich, General Counsel, NAFA
John Olsen, Principal, Olsen Financial Group
Callie Currin, Esq., President & CEO, Currin Compliance
March 26 Annuity Marketing Portal (AMP) Tour & Demonstration Tom McLaren, President, ALLPro Direct Marketing
Scott Hinds, Membership and Development Director, NAFA
February 26 Cyber Security & Data Breach – Insurance Needs for the Annuity Professional Scott Reid, National Marketing and Membership Director, National Association of Professional Agents (NAPA)
January 22 Decoding Risk Control Indices in Fixed Indexed Annuities Alan Grissom, Global Head of Insurance, and Vinit Srivastava, Senior Director, Strategy Indices for S& P Dow Jones Indices