NAFA’s Federal Advocacy

NAFA tracks and analyzes federal regulatory and legislative activity affecting fixed annuity products, distributors, carriers and, ultimately, consumers. In addition, we advocate for public policy that protects and promotes these products and ensures access to the financial professionals who provide them to consumers. In conjunction with NAFA’s D.C.-based federal legislative strategist and advocate, we:

  • Develop and implement lobbying strategies through grassroots and grasstops activities and direct contact with legislators and regulators to influence a positive outcome for the industry
  • Collaborate with other financial trade organizations to leverage positive industry impact on federal-based regulatory and legislative initiatives
  • Organize internal working groups to focus on pertinent legislative and regulatory developments affecting NAFA members
  • File agency comment letters, submit letters to Congress, sign joint trade letters, issue press releases, and educate NAFA members on relevant developments
  • Conduct an annual fly-in to Washington, D.C. for our Annuity Leadership Forum where we host a Hill Walk for attendees to meet with their House and Senate members of Congress

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