National Annuity Awareness Month

National Annuity Awareness Month badgeIn 2010, the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) designated June as National Annuity Awareness Month (NAAM) to help educate Americans on the important role of annuities as part of a secure retirement savings plan. In 2014, with a common desire to serve consumers by helping them understand annuity products, NAFA and several other industry associations came together to establish the Coalition for Annuity Awareness.

Since 2014, the Coalition and sponsors of National Annuity Awareness Month have partnered together to provide educational material, webcasts and social media communications to help educate financial professionals, the public and elected officials on the important role of annuity products in planning for retirement and creating income for life. During the month of June, an array of educational resources and awareness tools are available, and the Coalition works to circulate positive and accurate messages regarding annuities in support of the NAAM mission.

Visit AnnuRetirement

In 2015, the Coalition for Annuity Awareness launched AnnuRetirement, an impartial, informative website consisting of positive and accurate messages regarding the features and benefits of annuities available free to the public. As the official home of NAAM, this website serves as a foundation for the event’s mission.

Visit AnnuRetirement to:

  • View a map of the states in which June has been declared Annuity Awareness Month
  • Access materials and resources from sponsors and Coalition members
  • Sign up to indicate your support for declaring June as Annuity Awareness Month
  • And more!