NAFA Annuity Leadership Forum

Our 10th annual (and first virtual) Annuity Leadership Forum is a wrap!

NAFA’s Board of Directors and Government & Legal Affairs Committee (GLAC) would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s reimagined Forum. From an outstanding keynote presentation by Axios reporter Jonathan Swan sponsored by Nationwide, to our DC legal panel featuring renowned industry experts, to Congressional Committee representatives giving us an inside look at the November elections, there were insights to be gained from all in attendance. Plus, we capped it off with a very positive virtual Hill Walk and a celebration of fixed annuities during our virtual toast sponsored by Diamond Sponsors Allianz, Athene and Nationwide. We hope to see you in person next summer!

Keep checking back for an update on the date and location of next year’s event!

NAFA Annuity Leadership Forum

Thank you to our sponsors!

It’s important for a fixed index annuity to not only guarantee income but to provide income with the opportunity to increase. Allianz offers innovative annual and multi-year reset increasing income options.

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Solving the Annuity Puzzle

The fact that many consumers do not purchase annuities when it likely is in their rational self-interest to do so is called the “annuity puzzle.” Discover the 10 common behavioral biases against annuities and solutions for overcoming them.

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Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients post-coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unwelcome and unexpected game changer for most Americans. Here’s what advisors should consider in building and strengthening relationships with clients going forward.

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We turn pause buttons into revenue buttons.

ALLPRO Direct Marketing
What you say is important. ALLPRO’s digital media solution, Delv Media, assures your message will be delivered with purity through your producer network while providing engagement opportunities that close business.

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Who's Listening ... Is Who's Winning

Circle Sideways
How do you carefully craft messaging that acknowledges internal marketers, advisors and consumers? Keep these tenets in mind: Alignment is essential; What’s old is new; and Cohesion is key.

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The Key Elements of Annuity Rate Setting

Rate setting is a function of the overall business objectives of the carrier. EquiTrust strives to provide the same value to the client each year. Learn more about the key elements of annuity rate setting.

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ADI Meetings & Events
Experiential meeting design engages guests in personal ways and puts attendees and their individual needs first. Learn how to create an interactive environment for participants at any type of gathering.

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Why Now Is the Best Time to Market

Every economic downturn has one commonality — fear. And fear will paralyze timid marketers. Find out how to leverage effective branding at this moment to leave an indelible imprint for years to come.

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