NAFA Annuity Leadership Forum

Thanks to all for making our virtual event a huge success!

NAFA’s Board of Directors, Government & Legal Affairs Committee (GLAC) and Planning Committee would like to extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who participated in the 2021 Annuity Leadership Forum and Virtual Hill Walk. Despite the challenges of being virtual, we were able to connect, collaborate and collectively advocate for the future of fixed annuities. We couldn’t have done it without the willingness of our expert panelists, moderators and presenters for sharing their perspectives; our sponsors for leading the charge in putting #AnnuityLeadership at the forefront of our conversations; and all of our attendees for making it a priority to carve out time to learn more about the critical issues impacting our business. We will continue to monitor events happening at the federal and state level, ensuring industry’s voice is heard in recognizing June as National Annuity Awareness Month and making annuities available to help secure the future of retirement in America!

Those who registered or spoke at our event are encouraged to visit our exclusive Attendee Hub for access to our session replays on demand, digital packet, sponsor resources, National Annuity Awareness Month updates and so much more! Note that your name and email address used at registration are required for access.

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NAFA Annuity Leadership Forum

Thanks to our 2021 event sponsors!

11 years of delivering on increasing income potential - Allianz

Annuities are designed to meet long-term needs for retirement income by providing tax deferral, a death benefit during the accumulation phase, and a guaranteed stream of income at retirement. Allianz could increase that income.

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Solving the Annuity Puzzle

The fact that many consumers do not purchase annuities when it likely is in their rational self-interest to do so is called the “annuity puzzle.” Discover the 10 common behavioral biases against annuities and solutions for overcoming them.

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RILA Sales Surge as Investors Seek Growth and Protection - Great American

Great American Life Insurance Co.
RILAs are quickly becoming an industry favorite partly because of the innovative design, but also due to economic conditions affecting more traditional types of annuities. Discover how you can effectively position them for clients.

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Staying focused when headlines react - Nationwide

News headlines lead investors to make irrational and emotional decisions, many times due to the hard-wiring of the human brain. Help them stick to investment basics, seek opportunities to buy when others sell, and benefit from your expertise.

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Volatility Controlled - Less is Mower?

As the industry and its products continue to evolve, volatility-controlled indices have been gaining in popularity. This simple metaphor explains the benefits of such options in the context of keeping control when mowing one’s lawn.

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Your safety and comfort is our job. - ADI Meetings & Events

ADI Meetings & Events
The complexities of conducting safe, comfortable events in today’s unique environment has never underscored more the value of having a trusted planning partner. See how ADI is working to protect you and those you serve.

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Proud sponsor of NAFA. - American Equity

American Equity
A lot goes into preparing for retirement. Every client’s goals are different, as is the path they choose to reach them. As you assist them on the journey, be sure to communicate how integrity and consistency are fundamentals that FIAs offer.

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We turn pause buttons into revenue buttons.

ALLPRO Direct Marketing
What you say is important. ALLPRO’s digital media solution, Delv Media, assures your message will be delivered with purity through your producer network while providing engagement opportunities that close business.

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Who's Listening ... Is Who's Winning

Circle Sideways
How do you carefully craft messaging that acknowledges internal marketers, advisors and consumers? Keep these tenets in mind: Alignment is essential; What’s old is new; and Cohesion is key.

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Simple, smart retirement income solutions - Delaware Life

Delaware Life
With today’s uncertainties and planning complexities, clients want and need simple, smart retirement income solutions. Contact Delaware Life to learn more about how we can help you effectively meet those needs.

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Global Atlantic
Discover the value of protection from market losses with opportunities for your clients’ income, long-term care and legacy needs. Contact us for information on how to put our products, service and support to work.

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Why Now Is the Best Time to Market

Every economic downturn has one commonality — fear. And fear will paralyze timid marketers. Find out how to leverage effective branding at this moment to leave an indelible imprint for years to come.

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National Western Life
When every client is one-of-a-kind, an annuity that offers a custom fit is the only choice. Learn more about how the NWL ChoiceOptimizer was designed with today’s consumer needs in mind and how to position it with clients.

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