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Protecting the Future of Fixed Annuities

A Timeline of Federal Advocacy Efforts

The battle against the DOL Fiduciary Rule is officially over

More than two years after the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule was first released, NAFA is proud to announce that our efforts to protect the industry and the American people from this unnecessary overreach have proven fruitful. From meeting with regulatory bodies and elected officials to leading grassroots campaigns, we did everything in our power to ensure Americans have access to the products and professionals that can help them retire well. As of June 21, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a mandate that will indeed vacate the rule in toto. Thank you to all of our members for your contributions and support in this valiant effort!

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Furthering Education

9 Answers Every Investor Needs to Know about Annuities

Recommended Resource

Fixed annuities are an excellent solution for generating income that cannot be outlived. Despite this, questions and misunderstanding persist regarding the benefit of fixed annuities as an effective planning tool for retirement. We address a number of these questions in this valuable whitepaper.

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20 Reasons to Be a NAFA Member

20 Reasons to Be a NAFA Member

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