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Industry News

Annuities make it easier for retirees to spend, research finds
27 Aug – Kate Dore – CNBC

“With fewer employer pensions these days, some retirees are hesitant to draw down their nest eggs. However, older Americans may spend more freely with a guaranteed source of income, such as Social Security or a private annuity.”

Connecticut Passes ‘Best Interest’ Rule For Annuities- (Requires Subscription)
19 Aug – Staff – Insurance News Net

“Connecticut passed a rule this week governing the recommendation and sales of annuity products within the state in a move that the American Council for Life Insurers called a“ huge victory for consumers.” In doing so, Connecticut became the 16th to state to pass regulation or legislation based on a model rule by the National Association for Insurance…”

How Lifetime Income Annuities Can Secure Your Retirement
1 Sept – Ken Nuss – The Street

Generate retirement income through an annuity. Here’s how it works.

“When you’re planning your retirement, consider your need for cash flow. If your cash flow isn’t right, the rest of your investment strategy will become unstable. You may need to sell off investments when you have to rather than when you want to.”

Want to Enjoy Retirement More? Shift Your Assets to Annuities
2 Sept – Ben Geier – Yahoo! Finance

“For years, conventional investing wisdom has been that once you reach a certain age — generally when you’re within a decade or so of retiring — you should start to shift your investments away from stocks towards bonds, which are lower risk and better for preserving your wealth as your income starts to decrease. But a new study from David Blanchett (Prudential Financial) and Michael Finke (The American College of Financial Services) shows that there might be a better option for tapering your account away from equities as you get older: annuities.”

How annuities are labeled matters, new Morningstar research finds
6 Sept – Robert Steyer – Morning Star

“Participants were more willing to exchange a portion of their retirement savings for a guaranteed income stream than for an annuity,” Stan Treger, Chicago-based senior behavioral scientist, wrote last month in describing his research. The results were statistically significant. “Although this effect was relatively small (accounting for approximately 1.8% of the variance in willingness to purchase the product), it shows us that a guaranteed income appeals to people,” Mr. Treger wrote. “Labeling an annuity by its intended purpose, a guaranteed income stream, can give people incentive to purchase the product as part of their retirement preparation.”

10 Best Tips – How to Buy And Sell Annuities
7 September – Ali Hasnain – Entrepreneur

“Who doesn’t want a guaranteed income stream to gather the litter of your crushed retirement plans? But, some annuities offer financial safety. Stan Haithcock, renowned as Stan The Annuity Man states, “Saying you hate annuities is like saying you hate all restaurants.” So, let’s dive in to learn a few important things about annuities.”

Congress Considers Mandatory Retirement Plans, Auto Enrollment, Annuity Options
8 September – Tracey Longo – Financial Advisor

“The budget reconciliation proposal set for debate in the House Ways and Means Committee this week contains three game-changing retirement measures: a mandate requiring small business employers to offer employees a workplace savings plan, a required automatic enrollment feature and a required lifetime income distribution or annuity option.”

Annuities are now a big business for PE firms
13 Sept – Emile Hallez – Investment News

“Over the past five quarters, annuity providers owned by private equity firms have accounted for more than 40% of all indexed annuity sales, according to data provided by Moore Market Intelligence. Such sales were more than $6.8 billion during the second quarter, or about 41% of all indexed annuity sales industrywide, at $16.7 billion.”

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