In support of NAFA’s mission to educate and influence positive outcomes in the government policy arena, Eric Thomes, NAFA Past Chair, announced in 2012 the formation of a political action committee, a means by which NAFA members can support candidates for elective office. A PAC allows NAFA members to pool their financial resources to ensure a real “bang for the buck.” And while making political contributions doesn’t guarantee a favorable outcome, participating in the process is far better than accepting a decision in which the profession has had little or no input.

Are you authorized to make a contribution to the PAC? Signing prior authorization is required by federal law before receiving solicitations from and making contributions to NAFA PAC. If you are currently a NAFA member, you do not need to take any further action. However, if you are not a member, in order for the executive or administrative personnel of the member corporation to be solicited by NAFA PAC, you must complete the form seen below. For more information, contact Bailey Sorensen at 414.332.9306 or

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