WASHINGTON (Nov. 28, 2022) — NAFA, the National Association for Fixed Annuities, honored its former executive director, Chip Anderson, with the 2022 Bo Johnson Spirit Award for Lifetime Achievement for a career of service to the financial services industry. This prestigious award recognizes an individual with courage, spirit and determination that challenges the status quo who inspires others to achieve, contributes unselfishly to others, and works ethically and conscientiously to improve the fixed annuity marketplace. Each year it is bestowed upon a deserving industry leader nominated by an active NAFA member. The NAFA board of directors votes to select the honoree from those nominated.

The announcement was made at NAFA’s 14th annual Annuity Distribution Summit in Santa Monica, Calif., in front of a large audience of event attendees and guests, many of whom had worked directly with Anderson through NAFA or in other roles. NAFA opened the ceremony with a video tribute from Chris Johnson, former chairman of the NAFA board of directors, and Rod Mims, senior vice president and national sales manager at Athene. Then, Paul McGillivray, director of advanced sales at M&O Marketing, Mike Tripses, president at Annua Profectus, and Tiya Stanley, vice president of national accounts at F&G, each took the stage to detail stories of Anderson’s four decades of work training, educating, mentoring and advancing the professional development of so many agents, advisors and industry professionals.

“Prior to his retirement, Chip was always found among NAFA’s key leaders willing to pick up whatever baton was in front of us. His biggest accomplishment was leading NAFA to avoid the existential threat that was DOL Fiduciary Rule 2.0. Our association and the insurance industry’s continuing contribution to the retirement security of the American public are due in substantial part to Chip’s efforts,” said McGillivray. “In addition to his myriad advocacy efforts, Chip has always been an excellent trainer of new employees joining IMOs or agencies on fixed and indexed annuity product positioning and proper selling strategies. I am proud to call him a colleague and friend.”

A natural fit for NAFA’s executive director position, Anderson served six years on the NAFA board of directors prior to assuming this role. During his years of board service, he was simultaneously involved in the success of CreativeOne, serving as its senior vice president of annuity sales. In addition to providing sales training and championing carrier relations and national accounts, Anderson headed Creative’s Tailor Made group of elite agents. He also played an integral role in the regulatory and legislative battle to forestall SEC Rule 151a, an attempt to brand fixed indexed annuities as securities.

Prior to his time with CreativeOne, Chip held the position of director of sales at Personalized Brokerage Services, where he trained notable industry executives while helping the company achieve significant national growth. He has also spent time as a brokerage manager and as a personal producer in the field. Chip’s well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of the industry made him an essential contributor in every role he held throughout his distinguished career.

“Though the presentation of NAFA’s Bo Johnson Spirit Award is one of my favorite activities annually, it was truly something special to extend the honor to one of NAFA’s very own this year,” said Chuck DiVencenzo, NAFA president and CEO. “Chip’s consistent leadership and victories fall tightly in line with NAFA’s three core pillars: advocacy, education and integration. This is underscored by his commitment to uplifting others, conducting business responsibly and ethically, and promoting the value of our people and products to everyday Americans in an effort to deliver a more secure retirement for all. I’m honored to be building upon his legacy here at NAFA and to continue working to model the integrity NAFA is known for.”

Anderson, joined by his wife, Sally, was on hand at the Summit to receive the award. In doing so, he paid tribute to fellow annuity leaders he had the pleasure of working with closely, including Tony Pisant who founded Jackson National Life, Bob McDonald who founded LifeUSA (now Allianz), and Dave Noble, a previous Bo Johnson Spirit Award winner and founder of American Equity. Anderson credited their collective leadership successes for delivering positive client outcomes that help changed the face of retirement savings and security for millions of Americans. Anderson received a standing ovation from the audience at the close of his gracious acceptance of the honor.

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