By Chuck DiVencenzo | June 3, 2020 | NAFA

NAFA supports the fight against systemic racial injustice

Our nation is currently witnessing the culmination of fundamental disparities and long unaddressed issues in our society. We are obligated as a community to do more than stand by as witnesses to racism, discrimination, bigotry and other forms of injustice. The events surrounding the horrific and unjustifiable death of George Floyd clearly illustrated that we cannot remain silent; we must come together as an industry and as one nation in support of those working to ensure a just legal system and to end this senseless violence.

While we don’t begin to have all the answers, NAFA is committed to inclusivity and working to identify areas in which we can help educate all Americans on retirement security, particularly those who have been underserved or marginalized. We would also ask our members to share best practices on inclusion, employee training resources on abolishing intolerance, and strategies that encourage employees to embrace diversity. Together, we can work toward a more equitable future, building a strong interwoven network to help restore the frayed social fabric of our society, renew every American’s sense of opportunity and heal any divides. I hope you join with us to learn from this moment and choose to be part of the solutions that will help positively impact our collective tomorrow.