A member carrier has asked NAFA to survey other member carriers on industry practices regarding agent debt collection for independent agents (not paid through a bank or broker/dealer).  Participants who respond to this survey request will receive the combined responses to the survey.  All responses will be kept confidential and anonymous when consolidated and reported back to you.  Please share this survey link with the group in your firm responsible for agent debt collection.

As members of a trade association that are in direct competition with one another, participants in this survey should be mindful of the constraints imposed by federal and state anti-trust laws. The purpose of this survey is to anonymously gather information related to this specific topic, which NAFA will then aggregate and disseminate to its membership for informational purposes only. It is not the purpose of this survey to reach any agreement or create concerted actions that could have anti-competitive effects. Each participant is obligated to speak out for the purpose of preventing any discussion which may have the effect of restraining competition.

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