As the number of cyber attacks on small and mid-sized businesses continues to rise, NAFA is taking a proactive approach to helping members protect themselves, their producers and their clients.

Beginning on October 31st, all NAFA members will be eligible to sign up for VeriFyle ProTM, a secure document-sharing and messaging service, with patented encryption-key management technology, for the highly discounted price of only $3 per month.

  • VeriFyle replaces less secure technologies (like email and cloud sharing services like Dropbox) for the purpose of sharing sensitive information.
  • The service is extremely easy to use, completely secure, and can be customized for the look of your business.
  • VeriFyle provides a professional and secure way to present yourself to existing and prospective producers; and is free to use for all of your invited guests.
  • When you share something with someone, they simply click a link in an email and are taken directly and securely to the item(s) being shared.

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars per year for services that are less secure than VeriFyle. Through our partnership, NAFA members now have access to the most secure document-sharing technology on the web, at a fraction of the cost.

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