Since the global financial crisis of 2008, the development and use of indices has continued to be propelled by an increased interest in passive investing. As a result, continued evolution and an increase in indices available on fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) has created confusion and even some fear of a perceived product complexity.

NAFA’s newest educational series, produced by The Index Standard®, seeks to communicate why in the context of retirement planning, both for saving and income purposes, indices have become a cornerstone of innovative annuity designs and applications.

In this insightful coffee chat, NAFA CEO Chuck DiVencenzo sits down with Branislav Nikolic of The Index Standard to answer frequently asked questions about indices in annuities. In addition to the information you’ll walk away with from the conversation, you can download the first two pieces in The Index Education Series to help educate consumers about the power of indices in fixed index annuities.

The ABCs of Indices

This piece breaks down information about what indices are, index terminology, types of indices available, and details on their exposures, data and methodology in a way that anyone — regulator, legislator, journalist, agent or consumer — can understand.

How to Make an Index

Building an index is much like formulating a recipe for a new dish. This piece outlines four critical steps for an effective index build and launch: 1) concept and research, 2) analysis and testing, 3) drafting the rules and 4) tasting the results.

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