No Oregon Producer Licenses Processed April 26-May 7

The Oregon Insurance Division will begin using the NAIC’s State Based Systems (SBS) as our internal operating system on May 7, 2012.  To implement this new system, we will not be able to process ANY license applications or renewal transactions from 10 a.m. PDT on Thursday, April 26 until Monday, May 7.  Licensing staff will be available to answer questions but will not be able to access any license information during this period.

If a license expires on April 30, it is strongly recommended that the renewal information be submitted well in advance of April 26. Any renewal applications that are submitted prior to the expiration date but while we are offline will be considered timely, but will not be processed until after May 7.

Normal processing for limited areas is expected to resume on May 7.  Transactions submitted through NIPR will be processed on May 14, when our system has been fully converted.  Applications that are submitted during the down time will be processed normally once the conversion to SBS is completed. You will not need to do anything additional.

Thank you for your patience during our transition.

You can view or update your subscriptions, password or e-mail address at any time on your User Profile Page. All you will need are your e-mail address and your password (if you selected one).

This service is provided to you at no charge by Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services. Visit us on the web at

P.S. If you have any questions or problems e-mail for assistance.